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We Make the Workplace a Better Place Together

ERA Solutions Group empowers you to make data-informed decisions with employee perspective, ultimately leading to a positive workplace culture, lower turnover cost, and measurable positive change.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is your workplace becoming an employer of choice-where best employees want to work for you and stay.  Our Mission is to fill the gap between employee perceptions and employer assumptions resulting in a stronger and more united work culture benefiting customers, employees, owners, and other stakeholders.

One Team, Multiple Perspectives

We see the workplace through two lenses.  The analytical research based quantitative perspective and the social emotional qualitative perspective. You gain a full spectrum assessment of the workforce.

Employees Can Work Anywhere - We Want the Best to Choose You

By giving employees a voice, you show they are valued, and you get measurable gains:
  • Turnover costs employers $15,000 per worker
  • One in three hires will leave a job within two years
  • $350B is spent on turnover and lower productivity from disengaged employees
Services and Experience

Why Choose Us

Owners have professional credibility from public sector experience, academic credentials, and proven survey research projects across three states for private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Research Based Methods

We use the most robust analytical procedures to ensure project findings are valid and reliable.

Strategy Development

We don’t stop with data collection but develop a strategic plan with specific action steps to improve perception of the workplace.
  • Choose proven researchers with people skills.
  • Choose a dedicated combat veteran owned company.
  • Choose a compassionate CEO who was a military spouse & mom.
  • Choose a company with testimonials across industries.
  • Choose ERA Solutions Group, LLC.

Subject Matter Experts

Researchers bring decades of practitioner experience with advanced academic research degrees.

Cyclical Approach to Measure ROI

Too many “experts” fail to re-measure the workplace concerns that are addressed. The re-measure step is the only way to measure progress – and we do it.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

Research and statistical analysis can seem complex – we make it easy for you.

Yes. You don’t need to have a statistics background to understand the results. We use a lot of graphic images, charts, and graphs to depict the data at a glance.

Yes. We can create a custom package for you to try the services. A onetime survey or series of pulse surveys can be done. Remember, any reduction in turnover will significantly reduce personnel cost. So rather than an expense consider it an investment.

Yes. We know employees may be anxious about sharing their perceptions of the workplace. We offer you scripts that can ease their concerns and describe the safeguards we have to assure privacy protections.
Our Team Members

Oue Creative Team

We understand you have a business to run – we do the work, you simply ask us questions, decide on options and receive updates/results through your personal client portal.
As Chief Research Officer and Co-founder, Dr. Elliott provides high level research and analysis for clients. Dr. Elliott’s background influences the ERA Solutions Group in a distinguished manner. He earned his Doctor of Public Administration at the University of Illinois. His research interests include performance measurement, public service motivation, organizational citizenship behaviors, human resource policy, organization commitment, and military service implications on civil service. In his free time Robert enjoys kayaking, jogging, and hiking.
Mrs. Elliott leads all day-to-day operations including logistics, financial, and personnel management. Compassionate, supportive, and empathetic accurately describe Michelle’s social work role regarding her clients. Direct, driven, and disciplined describe her passion for ERA Solutions Group to exceed customer needs. Michelle graduated from St. Ambrose University with a master’s degree in social work. She practiced as a Licensed School Social Worker in Illinois and now holds the same license in Tennessee. In her free time Michelle enjoys hiking, pickleball, and yoga.